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With your help, we hope to accomplish these five goals, which are, giving assistance to….



       CHILDREN    &



Single mothers are trying to succeed the best they can, but caring and providing for a baby on a daily basis vs getting a job, may depend on their ability to acquire a good daycare center. The price of daycare can be as high as two hundred and fifty dollars per-week or more. Our plan is to provide financial contributions to daycare providers, who in turn would issue the funds to single mothers in the form of MNDA coupons.  The coupons would be in the amount of fifty dollars each, and may not cover the full cost of day care but will hopefully ease the financial burden mothers face daily. Please Join us as we help single mothers on their quest to care for their families.    



Just because a father is not in his child’s life does not mean he does not care about and love him or her. There are numerous reasons why some fathers are separated from their children. Therefore, It is our opinion that most fathers love and care for their children; yet there are far too many fathers for whatever reason(s) who are not present in their children’s lives. I know that the solution to this issue will not be an easy fix, however, we believe that this old problem needs a new approach. One which includes more listening and less bad-mouthing. The aim is to rebuild and restore relationships. What if we open our hearts to fathers and provide them with a supportive, none judgmental-free zone. Maybe then, fathers will feel more at ease to communicate the reasons and the why’s for their absence. Then perhaps, as a result, with a LOTS of consoling, a change for the better can be realized. Hopefully, then one father at a time can be reunited with his child. 


Imagine an organization with thousands of young students all over America heeding the call of their peers in the classroom, who might be  silently crying out for help with their school work. Young people are naturally drawn to each other through common interest such as music, sports, etc. We want to use this camaraderie between our youth, and encourage those young people who are doing well in school to help those deserving students who are not doing so well. For those students who are interested, and willingly volunteer for such a purpose,  we will give financial assistance for the giving of their valuable time and knowledge. This assistance can be used for college, books, savings, or just for helping out at home. Young people tutoring young people, an idea that makes sense.


 Saying people choose to be homeless and using that assumption as a reason not  to 

help, does not make sense. It should be apparent to anyone, that if someone is choosing to be homeless, that in of itself screams out that something is wrong. The homeless are deserving of help, simply because they are human beings with obvious needs.“Choice for A Change World Inc.” has been providing assistance by putting people in hotels during the bitter cold months, giving out free bus passes and gift cards for the purchase of food. We would like to do so much more and with your help, we can make a difference in many more lives.



James LWright CEO/President

Patrice Wright Banks Personal Assistant


Ruben Wright Consular

   Elizebeth Wright Brown Adviser

To do good for goodness sake is one of the driving force behind the reason why our family feel so compelled to give back. We do not need to know how or why people find themselves in the predicament they are in. Our goal is to do our best to, DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT WE WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO US. God forbid, that if for what ever reason, one should end up in an unfortunate situation, we should all hope and pray that the same would be done unto us. Therefore,  in honor of my twin brother and co-founder,  Joseph Wright, who past away on June 29,2017,  all of us here at “Choice For A Change World.” rededicate ourselves to the mission my brother and I started back in 2012. Affectionately known as Joey, may his humble spirit and loving heart continue to inspire us to do good for goodness sake.   James L. Wright, President.

So far, out of the four goals we have set, do to the lack of participation, we have only been able to do what we can to help the homeless 




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Who's at fault? it really dosen’t matter right now, dose it? We all must come together as one big human family and do everything within our power to save our beloved home, after all, it’s  the only home we have.  The blame game is over, the only thing left to do, is to take action NOW! We all have a responsibility to do our part. Your house is on fire, now what are you going to do about it? Here are a few ideas of what you can start doing right away. If we all do something no matter how small it is, at least we can say to future generations, we did our best to save our world our planet . 



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